Family Medicine Revolution


The Family Medicine Revolution Story

As many great ideas do, Family Medicine Revolution started on a napkin at the 2010 CAFP Family Medicine Summit with two residents from the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program brainstorming how to bring the ‘cool’ back to family medicine. With the help of the CAFP Foundation, the goal is to increase awareness and respect for the wonderful specialty of family medicine.

It started as two family medicine residents on a mission to spread the word about just how cool and important family doctors are in communities, the country and the world. Family doctors have been, and continue to be, the foundation of our country’s health care system. In fact, President Barack Obama’s personal physician is a family physician. Yet, we continue to be both under-recognized and under-represented in our nation’s conscience. We’re all frustrated by the current state of our health care system. Most people may not realize that increasing the number of family docs and their integral roles in our health care system represents a key element to the solution of this crisis. So, we’re out to change this perception, one person at a time!

Specifically, the goals are:

  1. To increase the ‘hip factor’ of going into family medicine for medical students by emphasizing the breadth and depth of our specialty – globally, socially and intellectually. For all who have been discouraged by the misguided advice “you’re too smart for family medicine,” this one’s for you.
  2. To rally family physicians around the country through empowering and inspiring messages that validate our important role in our health care system. Overwhelming research shows that increasing the number of family doctors in a community lowers health care costs and saves lives (literally reducing mortality in a community by up to 10 percent). Family doctors, be proud!  Be leaders in your community! You rock!
  3. To increase awareness of the value of family doctors among the general public. We know that high-tech experimental surgeries may be headline grabbers and certain TV shows make being an ER doc or a surgeon seem really cool, but we also know that family doctors (and other primary care physicians) are the ones providing round-the-clock exceptional care. This care keeps your family healthy by caring for them when they get sick, regardless of your family’s insurance status.

Every US President has a family doctor: do you? Please visit the Family Medicine Revolution website and blog at

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