Family Medicine Interest Group Funding

FMIGIn 1995, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) established the National Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network as a way of improving communication between FMIGs around the country.  The CAFP Foundation has since been supporting California’s FMIGs with funds, resources and important tools to help:

  • Increase awareness and interest in family medicine;
  • Educate medical students on the varied opportunities for family physicians and the scope of family medicine;
  • Develop medical students’ leadership skills;
  • Facilitate interaction of medical students across California campuses; and
  • Distribute timely and accurate information about family medicine.

Become an FMIG Leader

For more information on how to run and sustain a successful FMIG, please see the FMIG Student Leader Manual provided by AAFP.

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