Stories from Our Members

Students and residents share stories of their journey to working in family medicine and how opportunities with CAFP Foundation have influenced their path as a future family physician.

“When I first found out about the All Members Advocacy Meeting, I was immediately intrigued. As someone who is very passionate about social justice and being an advocate for her future patients, I made attending this event a priority… The leadership portion of the conference was really great because it really allowed me to think about what I’m passionate about working toward in the future. Having to consider not only the societal and civic barriers, but also my own fear of failure and reluctance to making the necessary sacrifices was an important experience…

 participating in Lobby Day was definitely my favorite part of AMAM because I had the opportunity to exercise the knowledge and skills I gained earlier that weekend…

Moving forward, I hope to get more of my classmates involved in AMAM through the Family and Preventative Medicine Interest Group.

Attending this conference allowed me to renew my intentions for why I entered the field of medicine in the first place and served as a reminder for how powerful the voice of a physician can be in advocacy.”

Anum Iqbal

UC Riverside

“I appreciate that the AMAM provided the opportunity to be surrounded by dedicated family medicine physicians who take care of their patients, advocate, and are stewards of our profession.

I was impressed by the commitment shown by the attendants, both physicians and medical students, to take make it a priority to attend the AMAM despite busy schedules. This level of commitment was a great reminder of why I decided to become a family physician…

The 2016 AMAM made me feel proud to be part of the CAFP and to continue being active in advocacy.

I can definitely see myself returning to other All Member Advocacy Meetings and even composing some resolutions on issues that I am passionate about. Attending the AMAM reminded me that I am not alone and that engagement can take many forms. I was reminded that there are many other change agents practicing family medicine in communities across California and all I have to do is reach out and collaborate.”

Kareen Espino

Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program

“… at the CAFP AMAM 2016… I was empowered. I was encouraged. I feel ever more optimistic about the future of medicine and the delivery of primary healthcare and preventive health services to our patients.

AMAM offers a unique solution to frustrated and isolated physicians. Together, we are stronger. We can’t be the only one thinking these things. The fellowship we had together helped bind us together in solidarity against what ails the health care system and our patients. The three action packed days included education about payment reform, ACOs, Primary Care Physician Workforce Development, and GME funding reform; furthermore,

the CAFP provides a solid foundation for family physicians to lead the revolution to reform and transform health policy and legislation on these topics.

From the very abstract–to fine-combed detail, AMAM  allows participants the opportunity to take a bird’s eye view-see and understand the movement in the water and then swoop down and take specific action and proposes specific deliverable solutions to these pressing challenges…. With the help of the CAFP policy and advocacy team, we were thoroughly prepared to march up the steps of the capitol and meet with our individual Assemblymembers and State Senators…

It was an incredible opportunity afforded to me by the CAFP Foundation and as a result I was able to establish a personal relationship with my government representatives and be the voice for patients and physicians in the State House.”

Jerry Abraham

USC Family Medicine Resident

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